Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mother of the year award....

Yes sorry to all you mum's out there who were hoping for the prize, but I have managed to win mother of the year award yet again - though it's a little later this year than in the past - usually I have that baby won by the first week of January! So how - I hear you ask - did I win such a prestigious award? Well my older DD I have know for a while has had some trouble seeing the board at school but she has only mentioned it on occasion and I figured if there was a real issue she would have said a lot more about it. Well I finally made an appointment for her on Thursday and found out the poor child is just about blind!! Okay technically she's not blind but she sure can't see too well and she was a whole lot worse than I had suspected. So yes - the prize goes to me! I have left my child to wander the world without being able to see a d**m thing! Well thankfully that situation has now been rectified and when she got her glasses today she couldn't stop grinning for about an hour - the world was looking a whole lot better and she could SEE!!!! She is looking pretty stylish too!

The other big event was that I found flower girl dresses for the girls at Dillards - not only that they were reasonably priced and one of them was even on sale! So now all that remains is to find shoes and accessories and we are done - phew! A lot easier than I thought it would be.

I also got to have a scrapping night last night. Machelle and Catrina came over and though we didn't go as long as we had other nights (Ms Catrina was barely staying awake...) we all got stuff accomplished and I have met my scrapping goal for the week. They were simple pages with very few embellishment but hey - they're done! I actually did 2 of these layouts - one for each of the girls albums.

I am hoping to have our last trip to Australia (2005) scrapped before this next one because those trips are usually the ones with the most photos. Since there isn't any "must watch" TV tonight maybe I can get a few more pages done.

It has also been snowing on and off all day today so looks like we'll be heading up the mountains tomorrow to play :o)

Have a great weekend!

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