Saturday, March 24, 2007

New sets

I have had these new sets and paper for a week or more and just haven't had time to play with them - they weren't even mounted yet (gasp)! So today I decided to mount them and use them and this are my first attempts.

I was NOT going to get this set because I did NOT need another big flower set and besides I already want too much out of the mini so I am not getting it ... yeah right! Did you see the cute samples on SCS?? How could you NOT get this set??? I am thinking that Stampin Up is conspiring with the SCS people to make us want every single set they come out with!!! Anyway this uses the biggest bloom from the Big Blooms set and the very yummy Au Chocolat paper - with a name like that how could you resist?

Next is the Office Accoutrement set which I really do like and it has the pretty paper and tin of stickers to match - I like matching stuff :o)
Well those were my first attempts - hopefully I'll get time tomorrow to play with them some more. Last day of spring break tomorrow - then it's back to the craziness that usually is my life and next week is going to be one of those weeks :o(

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Jana Weaver said... and I are too much alike girl!! I said the EXACT same thing about Big Blooms...and now I'm kicking myself for not ordering it earlier! However, I will get it in April...finally!! :-) Love your cards today...especially how you layered the Office Acc. flower. Looks gorgeous!