Monday, April 23, 2007

Lost Mojo.....

I had it a few days ago... and now when I actually have some time to stamp it's gone - MIA - vanished!! If anyone finds it PLEASE send it back to me! Of course it doesn't help that it's Monday - laundry and general cleaning day at my house. I don't know about you but I don't find laundry all that inspiring.... having to spend time in the disaster area my younger DD calls a room isn't really inspiring either. The pressure of having to come up with projects for Friday's stamp camp isn't helping either. I thought maybe perusing all the other blogs would help - but no - that just makes me feel even less talented than I did 5 minutes ago! The only thing I have some up with so far is this photo wallet that isn't really created by me because it was a SU Make and Take kit and all I did was follow the directions

Actually I do have some ideas for changing it up but I really need more stamp camp items right now.

While I was checking my favorite blogs I did see that Jana tagged me yet again :o) so here's 7 things about me

1. I have 2 bachelor degrees from 2 different countries only feel at times like the most under qualified SAHM in existence! The person that comes up with "Mothering for Dummies" or "Motherhood 101" would make a mint from me. Some days I am just clueless - and of course just when you feel like you have it mastered, kids have that way of changing all the rules on you again.

2. I have 2 different colored eyes - 1 blue, the other ranging from 1/2 blue, 1/2 green to mostly green to sometimes almost brown. My best friend in highschool used to say that she could tell what mood I was in by the color of my eye.

3. I am the oldest but smallest of 4 girls - even though they are in another country I couldn't make it through life without my sisters :o) I used to get the "hand me ups" clothes rather than the "hand me downs".

4. I met my husband on a blind date and we dated from that day on........

5. I get SERIOUS travel bugs - my husband knows all too well that every 6 months I HAVE to go SOMEWHERE - it doesn't have to be far - it just has to be away. Before we had kids we saw quite a bit of the US simply by driving there. It helps that first we lived in WA so did all the states of the northwest and then when we moved we drove down from WA to TN and since living here have done most of the eastern side of the US. Of course we also travel around the great Land Down Under whenever we are there.

6. I am addicted to chocolate and coffee - but then you all probably already knew that!

7. My first job was in a shoe store - I hated Saturday afternoons when the moms would bring their kids hot and stinky straight from the ball fields and I would have to help them try on shoes - EWWW!!!

Okay looking around I see that most all the people that I would tag have already been tagged so I will just tag Melissa and if you haven't already been tagged - consider yourself tagged now!

Well I am off to try and find something... anything to inspire me! Here's hoping you find your inspiration.

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