Monday, May 14, 2007

Playing Catch-up

Yesterday and today I have been trying to get my life (and stamp room) back into some kind of order after the craziness of last week- doesn't really help that this week is nearly as bad - but it has to be done or I WILL go insane!!!

The teacher's LOVED their scrapbooks so that was a happy ending to the stress. My sister has finally set a time for the wedding so I am working on getting the invites finished up asap so I can send them on to her and she can get them out. I am still unpacking for the CK convention last weekend and trying to finish that stuff up. The only complaint that I have about the classes there is the first thing they tell you is "you won't have time to complete this in class" and then they proceed to go through it all in lightning speed. Needless to say there's not much hope of me coming right home and finishing it up so then when I go back to it weeks/months later I have no clue what it was supposed to look like anymore. I took one class by Little black dress designs and though I haven't finished the 6x6 blankety blank book but I wanted to show you this one cool idea that they shared.

See the black and white square of paper on the left page? All you do is get a sheet of rubons and randomly rub them all over the page - they don't even have to be complete. What a great way to use up those left over letters from alphabets!!! You could throw in a few colored ones too and have a completely different look. It was one of those moments that the lightbulbs went off over everyone's heads :o)

The rest of the weekend was spent doing kids activities. My older DD had her dance performances and they went wonderfully! I was so proud my chest hurt :o) My younger DD had her final soccer game for the season.

She is so fun to watch :o) And you know it struck me this weekend that we are fortunate to celebrate mother's day only because we have kids... if it weren't for them we wouldn't be the people we are - put things in a little bit of a different perspective for me.

Anyway - back to my game of catchup. Hope all you mother's had a WONDERFUL mother's day and treasure the little ones who made you the mom you are :o)

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What a sweet thought. Thans for sharing!