Tuesday, May 8, 2007

RAK'ed again!

It was so nice to come home and find 3 RAK's in the pile of unopened mail that my hubby left for me. It was not so nice to come home to all the stuff strewn around the hallways, kitchen, dining room and ... well EVERYWHERE!!! Sheesh! Seems like the only thing my family missed while I was away was the maid service I usually provide.... Anyway, we won't talk about that anymore and instead look at these beautiful cards :o)

The first one was from Kathy - you can check out her blog here. I can't believe she only just made this card and I already have it! I love the color combo and the DP she used. Thanks Kathy!!!

Then was a R-RAK (return RAK) from Kitty for the RAK I sent her to thank her for the one she sent me... I see a pattern beginning to emerge - I think I need to send her another one :o) It's actually the little pink section on the front that opens as a mini card - great idea!

Then last but not least was this one from Marji - I loved this SAB set and it was one of the ones I am definitely keeping. Thanks Marji!
And one last note - my friend Melissa made a trip to IKEA and sent me a new clock to replace the one I broke during my creative process and so now my pretty clock is on my wall and actually tells the time :o) I have been doing the happy dance all day - thank's chick!!

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Melissa's Stampin' Spot said...

Glad to be of service! LOL