Sunday, June 17, 2007

Still raining

It's STILL raining here in Australia - it's absolutely unheard of for it to rain this much. It is making it hard to find things to do. My aunt was without power for 5 days and we had no phone or internet on Fri and Sat. I hope it stops soon!
On Friday my sister and I went to the Sydney Food and Wine Show while my other 2 sisters watched the kids. It was very yummy! Lots and lots of good stuff to taste and buy. We sampled lots of chocolate and lots of nice wines and only bought a little bit....

Today since it was still raining my sister and her fiance went with the kids and I to the Sydney Aquarium and had a great time. There are lots of underwater walkways

and places where you are walking both under the water and over the water.

It's always amazing to see the huge sharks and stingrays gliding over the top of you. The seals and sea lions are also fun to watch under the water.

My younger DD picked out this super cute kangaroo back pack

and wore it non stop the rest of the day. I love how it's head is turned like it's looking around too. My older DD hasn't found the perfect souvenir yet - something stylish yet Australian... I am guessing we will be shopping for a while!

My mum arrives back early tomorrow morning. The girls will be glad of the added distraction and maybe she can come up with some more activities for us to do while it's raining - or better yet maybe it will stop!


Flossie's Follies said...

On my 5 days without electricity that is horrible, hope the rains stop soon.

Melissa's Stampin' Spot said...

HEY you!! I know how you feel. Half way across the world yet we still are dealing with the same things!! TOO funny!! Love all the pics!! Keep them coming!! OH did you tell K about her cards?? 5 packs now!! I'll send when it gets closer to you being back home!! Have a good one!! Chat later!!