Saturday, June 2, 2007

We made it!

Yes we made it pretty uneventfully to Australia - the girls were great travellers especially considering how many hours we were stuck on airplanes ((19 hrs in planes - not including all the airport time). Now we are trying to get over jetlag - the girls are falling asleep in the early afternoon and then waking up at around 3am - hopefully we can break that soon! My DS who is also a SU demo had a home show last night at a friend of mine so I got to go catch up and do a little stamping already! Today we are off to check out the stores (which my girls have been dying to do since they got here) - with 3 sisters you know shopping is always on the agenda :o) I haven't taken any photos yet but I will soon and will post some so you can all see what it's like here. Hope you are all enjoying the summer holidays!


Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

awww how sweet of you to touch base already!!! I can't wait to see some of those photos!!



scrappintrish said...

I hope you are coming back home sometime because I sent you a Thank You Card. :) Your not staying there forever are you? hehe.. I was wondering, I forgot to take a picture of the Thank You Card that I sent you and was wondering if you could take a picture and send me a copy at .. After you get home and get all settled (you do not need to do it right away or even this month,) I just want to have it to save for myself. Thanks! :)

Jana Weaver said...

Glad to hear you're there safely and enjoying yourself. Have lots of fun!!!