Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It's finished!

Yeah I finished my sister's book! Here is one more page - a photo of her and me.

If you want to see some more pages they are posted here at Tallyscrapper. Now I can finally crack open all my new SU stuff and get working on my cards for next week's stamp camp.

School starts tomorrow so this afternoon we go meet the teachers. My older DD is very excited - she can't wait to get back with all her friends. My younger DD doesn't really want to talk about it. She is such a homebody - I hope she makes the adjustment from 1/2 day kindergarten to all day 1st grade okay. I haven't planned much for next week because I am not sure how it will go with her. She literally makes her self sick with stress and when she started kindergarten last year she threw up every morning for about the first month....... I am just hoping and praying she will do better this year. I am really excited to have some time to myself again but I know on Friday I will be walking around this quiet empty house all lonely :o) It never fails. Happy back to school everyone!

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