Sunday, September 9, 2007

The last of....

It was so good to have everyone here for stamp camp again after such a long break over the summer (we missed you Machelle!) Here are the last of the projects we made on Friday.

This mini post-it note clipboard if also made from a coaster and the notes are not attached so you can use it forever.

I don't know if you can properly see it but the butterfly on the card is stamped and then stamped again and cut out and the wings bent and taped over the first one so it's on the card in kind of a 3D effect. The funny thing about this is that I hopped over to my friend Melissa's blog on Friday afternoon and she had almost the same card for her stamp camp and neither of us had seen or discussed each other's cards - we've always been like that though!

The last is a luggage tag and on the back it has the lines to write in your address and/or phone number. These were really cool self adhesive tags that I found at Staples - all the others were ones you needed to laminate them and I don't have one of those.......yet. I think these would be great for baby gifts for the diaper bag or kids birthday party crafts or..... a million other things :o)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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