Sunday, October 14, 2007

We did it!

When my father-in-law passed away 2 years ago my MIL gave us a small boat that they had - it's old (my DH spent his teenage years playing with it on the lake in Idaho) but it still goes and has a fairly new motor. Well, after 2 years of problems and mishaps - some from the transport of the boat from her to us, some from being very inexperienced boat owners - we finally actually took the boat out on the lake today and spend about 30 minutes cruising around. (Last time we made it as far as getting the boat into the water only to find that we could not for the life of us start the darn thing...) I wish I had taken my camera but I was too afraid something would happen to it on this our maiden voyage. We did get some helpful tips from a nearby fisherman who I am assuming went home and told his wife lots of humorous antidotes about the couple, their 2 kids, and their mother who obviously had no clue as to what they were doing - first reversing the boat and trailer down to the water, getting the boat started, getting the boat off the trailer into the water, and then finally maneuvering it to the dock so that the rest of the family could climb in (he missed the adventure of hitching the boat to the van at the house - though I am sure the neighbors all enjoyed that episode..). The ride went fairly smoothly - each of us taking turns at steering for a little while. My younger DD found the boat horn for us....... maybe now the next time it will take us less time to get the boat in and out of the water than then time we spend on it!

On a stamping note here is one of a set of cards I made to match the notepad holders

The craft fair was okay yesterday - I made more money than I paid for the table so I guess that's always a plus. I also had a couple of people take my card to be able to make some special order stuff. Not sure that I will continue to pursue this though. I think I will just stick to making gifts for friends, family and teachers.

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend.


Melissa Goodsell said...

Such a pretty card and that sounds like you've had a fun time in the boat - how we'd love a little boat to potter around in here!
Melx said...

Found you from splitcoast bloggers, great projects.