Friday, November 16, 2007

A little bit of this.......and a little bit of that

With the colder weather arriving my winter crafts come out - quilting, knitting, sewing. In the summer months I tend to scrapbook more but in the winter I like to be surrounded by fabric :o)

I have stamped a little ..........but I can't show most of the cards I have made until they have arrived at their final destination. I can show you this "quilted" card we made for Technique Tuesday.

You can't really see in the scan but first we scored diagonal lines across the cardstock then "stitched" with marker in the score lines. I will have to remember this myself next time I give a quilt.

I have sewn a little........ again a few gifts that I don't want to show yet but this cute bag

was for a little girl's birthday last week - it's filled with different activity books perfect for taking along in the car or to somewhere you have to sit and be quietly entertained.

I have taken the "buy handmade" pledge...... actually I will be making most of the gifts I intend on giving this year - a few books thrown in here and there. I always enjoy getting handmade gifts though - don't you? Check out the website - it has lots of great reasons for buying handmade and some places to shop. Take the pledge today - you can even buy handmade stuff from me :o) (I tend to get carried away with my creations at times.......)

Speaking of handmade I have 1 spot left in the "pay it forward" game - come on - I know you want to play! Who wouldn't like to get a handmade gift????

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Melissa Goodsell said...

Your little handmade bag is so delightful!