Friday, February 29, 2008


After battling against the crud since Sunday I finally had to admit defeat yesterday and spend the day mostly in bed in misery. The dr calls it "just" a virus which is the worse kind - basically "there's nothing we can do for you so suck it up and deal with it!" Around here people are out for a week with it - my younger DD had it last week and I am afraid my older DD is showing the early signs. Really takes the fun out of life! I guess it's part of that "be careful what you wish for" because I was whining about being so busy and not having any time at home - but really this is NOT what I meant!!

My one bright spot? The quilt was finished

I handed it off and was glad to have that project no longer looming over my head but the very best part? She LOVED it! Not just "oh wow I love it" but "OMG, OMG OMG it's the best thing ever and I will never sleep in a bed without it and I love the colors and the pattern and it's the best thing EVER!!!" - that kind of love it :o) Which makes every hour I spent on it worth it! And if you ask me why I make these quilts for people without ever getting even close to being adequately compensated for them - that's why!

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