Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sewing Swap

I participated in my very first sewing swap and I definitely think that unfortunately I got the better end of this deal. Here is the bag I received from Kristine.

Let me tell you it is AWESOME!!! I love her fabric choices and there are so many cool little details in this bag -tons of pockets inside so your stuff doesn't get lost, she put something in the bottom to keep it flat and did you notice she stitched the shape of the Opera House on the front???? How cool is that! Thanks so much Kristine!

This is the bag that is going out to my swap partner.

I was happy with it when I made it. I liked the contrast of the black stamped linen with the green cotton and the straps are a little longer which made it a good tote length. But it doesn't have half the extra details as the one I received. Oh well - I hope my swap partner likes it!


Kristine said...

Hi Yvette, glad to know you liked the bag :) Most people thought the stitching was a fish tail...anyway, enjoy the bag! I had lots of fun making it :)

Sher said...

The bag you made is wonderful. I love the colors of it! Do you have a pattern? I do sew and would love to have details.
Stampin' Hugs,

Melissa said...

Hi Yvette, I hope you are well. It's been ages, I know but I've recently posted (again) about your bag and thought you might like a update. Sorry if the link doesn't work - if it does, scroll down to the end of the post!
It has been super dooper cold here in Canberra last few weeks. Cheers, Melissa