Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lots to tell

We are back from our whirlwind trip to DC and NY and we had a blast! Now we are down to only 9 weeks left of school - I can't believe it's gone this fast. And I know it will be a downhill run - it always is at the end.
Our diva challenge meeting was yesterday. We had to use and Altoids tin and a mirror and here is what I came up with

It's perfect for next to my chair to hold some lip balm or sewing supplies. You can see the rest of the diva's creations on the blog

Speaking of sewing I made this pillow for an art benefit for the Wellness center yesterday.

patchwork pillow

I wasn't sure if it would qualify as art or not but they loved it so I will make another one this weekend..... and then a few for myself :o)

Apryl had another pay-it-forward on her blog and I signed up - because who doesn't like to receive treats in the mail? So if you would like to receive something from me leave me a comment and I will pick 3 people on Sunday. The only obligation is that you pay-it-forward to 3 more people in the next year. So share some happy mail and sign up!


NewYorkerAtHeart said...

I love your tin! So cute. You are so talented. Love that pillow! Carla W

Anonymous said...

Little Yvette! :) It's your Kansas connection. I love RAOK's. Fun! Hope you're doing well.

Jessica said...

love love love that pillow!!!! yum!