Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New (old) Toys

I have looked at typewriters and secretly coveted one for a long time - though I really had no specific use for one - I just wanted it. Then the other day while wandering through my favorite vintage store "Nostalgia" I came across this one and knew it had to come home with me!

I think it was the color that got to me. I thought that we girls could all use it but my oldest DD immediately decided that this was NOT something to be shared - she HAD to have one of her own. Luckily I had happened to notice another one at the store (only $25!!!) and so we quickly returned to get her one of her very own.I have since received many sweet notes painstakingly typed and you can hear the "tap tap" of the keys at all hours of the morning and night. Who knew such a simple object could bring such happiness?? She has even started typing her homework! Got to love it.

Last weekend I took some down time and made another bag - this time specifically ordered by a friend.
inside of straps
She picked out the fabrics so all I had to do was put it together and it came together quite nicely :o) You can't really see in this photo but the top side of the straps are the black fabric. Good job Sherrie!
At the moment I am trying to whip together some little things for my DD's for Easter. I'll show you if they get done!
Happy Easter!


Sara said...

okay girl...that's wayyyyy too cool. I've had a typewriter on my wishlist for the crop room at the store for some time now. I'll have to go with you to your favorite store and see if they ever get another one. If you come across one, just grab it for the store!! I love how your girls are using their own too.

wendyvee said...

How cool is that!?!They are both great colors too!

I remember begging my mother to let me use her typewriter when I was about your daughter's age (and this was YEARS ago). I had so much fun typing notes and lists. I bet that your daughter is having a blast : )

Leigh Ann Baird said...

I'm longing for a typewriter now. I always loved playing with a typewriter!

Jessica said...

hey! good to talk to you today!

i've never been to that store? i'm going to google it in a min and see where it is. ..
love it, and that bag is PRECIOUS!