Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Still here.....

Yes I'm still here and still trying to catch up with my life! School is back in full swing as are all the extra curricular activities and birthdays and store events..... it's just crazy! I have been doing some creating - you can see the monthly challenge group stuff over at the diva blog and some cards I've made over at the Store.
Speaking of birthday's we have had 2 in the family this month (3 if you count my dad's - miss you dad!) My older DD requested an iceskating party for her birthday so here was the invite

And here is the party in full swing.

She is also the one with the pig addiction so while in Seattle this summer I made sure to take lots of photos of Rachel - the Pike St Market mascot. So for her birthday I made her a mini book to remember our trip

It sits on her bedside table for a nightly viewing before bed :o)
My niece turned 1 this week and for her birthday I made her a rag doll which was SO much fun and I already have requests for several more. It hasn't made it through the mail across the ocean to her yet so I am crossing my fingers hoping when she gets it she loves it as much as I do

doll for Charlotte
You can see behind her a matching quilt still in progress. I hope to have that completed before Christmas - or sooner even!
My older DD auditioned for and was accepted into the Tennessee Children's Dance Ensemble so that now takes up a lot of our free time but it is a dream come true for her. It's still an adjustment for me.....

My younger DD's birthday is coming up next month so I need to begin planning for that.... and then before you know it, it will be Christmas! Ugh! Hopefully I'll be back here before then :o) Thanks for checking in on me!


Sherry said...

Love the book and cute, cute rag doll. Can't wait to see the quilt!

Jessica said...

i LOVE it! you are so dang talented.

blog some more....

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Anonymous said...

Too cute!!