Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A change of attitude

So lately I've been having a rough time with life in general......

Nothing major

Nothing horrible

Just life.

Most of it is out of my control and I just am going to have to suck it up and deal with it. Some of it I could change but due to the subsequent consequences I'm not ready/willing to right now.

So I decided what was needed was a change of attitude.......

So come April 1st I am going to try

30 days of gratitude

It's a 5x7 album with rings so that I can add stuff along the way if I want to. I used different papers from different companies out of my stash. I did kind of decide on a color scheme but that's as much planning as I did. The pages are already numbered to keep me honest :o)

Inside 1 gratitude

I'm going to add a few more embellishments before I start but most of it I'm going to do as I go. The pages are not all the same size.

Inside 2 gratitude
Some pages I'll just journal on, some I will add some photos or mementos too. By the 30th of April I will have a book to look back on and remember all the things that make my life wonderful.

Won't you join me? I'd love to share your joys :o)


NewYorkerAtHeart said...

Love it. You took the words right out of my mouth. I'm joining you!

cupcakesforchloe said...

Oh my gosh! I so need to do this! It will really teach me to love the little things more and not sweat the rough days! This week is really getting to me! Thanks for posting this and I cant wait to see your pages as you go!

PeggyAnne said...

We could all use a new attitude adjustment ever now and then...I love the idea. I love the way you plan to display your "Changes of Attitude," and most of all, Count me in...Peggy from Jeff. County

Kathy A said...

This is great. I was blue and I think this would make me more appreciative. I talked to a lady that had been an exchange student 20 years ago. I just couldn't imagine going to a foreign county and only getting to go home one in 2 1/2 years. I talked to her for 30 minutes. Yes I was very appreciateive when I got off the phone. I meet you girls at Croptopia last Saturday. You girls are wonderful. Hope to come back maybe for a class.

krussellstudio said...

Great idea. I hope it helps you out through your tough time. Love the way you've put it together.

*Todd, Kim and Tyler* said...

love it, love it, love it!!! it is a great reminder that we need to be thankful!

Ps... how do you post to fb from your blog? also, do you have an app on your phone?