Monday, August 1, 2011

A happy kind of weekend

My favorite kind of weekend - a little crafting, a little family time, and no time pressures! I did some sewing this weekend and oh how I've missed it!
First up was a gift for a birthday party next Saturday. My DD wanted an art tote to go with the watercolor paints and pad she had picked out for the gift so this is what I came up with

art tote

The friend is a frog lover so inside we used some fun frog fabric

open art tote

An art tote ready to grab and go anywhere to create some art :)

Earlier we had stumbled on some 1 penny watercolor pencils to add to our collection. My older DD wanted something to keep her pencils in that she could easily see the colors at a glance. I thought a pencil roll would be too long for the 50 odd pencils she now has so I came up with this

quad fold pencil holder

the outer 2 flaps fold in, and then it folds in half to look like this

pencil holder

ready to take with her where ever she decides to go and make art :)

If you happen to have a child who is friends to one of my DD's - don't be surprised if a variation of one of these shows up at your next birthday gathering.......

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Anonymous said...

I love it Yvette...the fabric is so pretty!