Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I am.....

  • still happy sewing things - swaps on swap-bot, projects for friends, and projects for me

  • mug rug with tea wallet

  • enjoying baking - lots of lunchbox-able snacks, ALL of our bread (including this and this recipe) - yes haven't bought bread in nearly a month!!! Trying out lots of new recipes found via Pintrest and expanding my recipe box.

  • blackberry muffins

  • Realizing that cooking more takes planning and trying to get better at that
  • realizing how addicted I can get to the computer - checking emails, facebook, google reader, playing games.....trying to limit that
  • still working on my OLW and trying to consciously live it every day
  • trying to be content with the baby steps I am making rather than disappointed at not reaching the goals.
  • saddened by the trials that friends are being but through and trying to be, in turn, grateful for the small blessings we receive every day
  • all in all thinking that 2012 if starting off to be a good year!

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