Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Sunday project

It was spring like weather so we sat outside for dinner.

Because we sat outside for dinner I decided we needed cushions for the chairs.

Because we needed cushions for the chairs I had to go immediately to JoAnn's while the coupon commotion was on.

Because I went to JoAnn's I came home with pillow forms and fabric that needed sewing.

Because I had fabric that needed sewing I put away all other chores and sat down to sew.

Because I sat down to sew we now can sit outside in comfort when it's spring like weather.

Deck chair pillows and runner

Because it is spring like weather we sat outside on comfy cushions to eat dinner :)


Carla W said...

Love it! Miss you

LaurieStar said...

Very pretty! Makes me want to sit and eat too! :)