Sunday, January 21, 2007

How to stop your heart in 3 seconds......

It's easy to make your heart stop in about 3 seconds - get in the shower (naked and lathered up of course) and have your DD come barging in for about the 4th time that morning - whipping open the shower curtain - and ask "Mom can you please get my flashlight off my purse because I need a different one to match my outfit". Calmly and cooly I suggest she get OUT of my bathroom IMMEDIATELY and find something else to do until I am out of the shower and fully clothed and then I will be happy to assist..... door slams and repetitive banging is heard. Yell for banging to stop NOW!!! All is quiet....... resume peaceful luxurious time in shower (yeah right...) and dry off. Notice silence in house (DH has taken older DD to dance lessons). Tentitively call DD's name..... now louder...... throw on whatever clothes are closest and look out window in back yard... no sign of DD...... about here is where your heart stops as various senarios race through your head - DD has run away, banging heard was fight as DD was being abducted, DD has fallen and is lying somewhere dead...... need I continue??? Well after flying through the house still calling her name, noticing that doors are still closed and locked finally notice movement in the back yard as a small figure is seen playing with the dog in the dog house. Heart beat resumes and DD asks "is that what you are going to wear today mum?" Note to self - next time as you are ordering DD to leave the room give more specific instructions as to where and what she should do until the designated time!

That was yesterday - today was much more peaceful. It was cold and rainy (sadly for us we haven't gotten any of the snow everyone else has been getting) so it was the perfect PJ day and as the girls played and read and went on the computer I got to stamp ALL DAY!! Yippee for me :o) Here are a few of the things I made.

I am going to use a simplified version of this for my birthday card stamp a stack - the ribbon probably doesn't make the card as "manly" as I wanted it to be.
FINALLY got the big blossom yesterday and since Melissa has been stamping the c**p out of it I figured I had to give it a try :o) I think this will be another of the SAS cards.
Yet another SAS one - just have to come up with one or maybe 2 more - can't decide whether to make 4 of 5 designs of 5 of 4 designs......

And a valentine using the Sweet Nothings stickers (that I only bought because of the tin they came in so figured I should at least TRY to use the stuff!)

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Melissa's Stampin' Spot said...

Love it all!! Did you see my post about figuring out how to do the words after you scan?? To get a whole day to stamp, that is just awesome for you!! Children have a mind of their own sometimes! Love it chick!!