Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy days are coming soon.....

Just found out today that they are opening a Starbucks in our local Kroger - WOOHOO!!! Can't wait :o) Will make grocery shopping something to look forward to! Hmmm.... wonder if they need any taste testers.... Speaking of Starbucks - planned my errands today to be able to cruise through and order my current favorite - Cinnamon Dolce Latte - only to get there (after spending far to long in the Post Office) and find out they didn't have any of the syrup left :o( So I had to order a Mocha instead. I had a coupon for what I thought was a free shot of syrup which I handed to the cashier. She read and reread the coupon and decided that I needed to have a shot of some other flavor in my Mocha to be able to use the coupon and then that flavor shot would be free - okay, what the heck, give me a Peppermint shot. So they make the peppermint mocha, ring it up, punch in the coupon code ... and what do you know? The whole drink is free - cool right???? But that's not even the best part! Turns out that the Barista had already made my original plain mocha and since they would otherwise have to throw it out, they hand that one to me for free too!!!! You have GOT to love Starbucks :o) So I treated my neighbour to a Starbucks delivery and it was a good day had by all.

This morning I had my Technique class. We did the marble technique (roll marbles in drops of ink and then over your paper) for these cute cards.

And then Expressionistic Water colors on this card

First you wet the cardstock, then stamp letting the ink run, then dry the cardstock and stamp over the image.

Then this afternoon I had to quickly make up valentines for the girls teachers at school. So I made these little pocket cards

which included - yes you guessed it - a Starbucks gift card :o)

Happy Valentines Day!

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Melissa's Stampin' Spot said...

Okay that sucks!! Not for you, but for me!! What is it with every where I live there is never a starbucks, close?? I think I might just have to open my own flippin' one. Love the marbles think I might have to do that one again, it's been awhile!!