Thursday, February 15, 2007


I am SO behind on my scrapbooking - it seems I spend all my time getting ready for the next stamp camp and no time on MY stuff - not that I'm complaining........ I really enjoy the stamp camps and stuff, but like my DH told me - I just need to find a balance somewhere. It really hit me yesterday how much I miss scrapbooking when I was looking for a photo to fit yet another SU project. Here's the one I finally used

(The project is a secret for now... unless my stuff is chosen then believe me I will tell the world!!)
I LOVE this photo of my DD that I took when we were at Disney Princesses on Ice - I love all the photos I have taken and they NEED to be in scrapbooks so that everyone can see them instead of crammed into my overflowing cropper hopper. So here's my new goal - I will scrap 1 page a week. If I keep that goal that's a minimum of 52 pages I'll have done by the end of the year. That would be SO awesome!! Of course I am hoping that some weeks I'll get a few more done but if my goal is 1 it will be much easier to stick with it. So who'll join me?? We can be each other's buddy system. Let me know - I'd love to hear your goal!

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