Monday, February 26, 2007

Simply Sent Kit

I had bought 2 of the Simply Sent kits from SU when they were first available and they looked so beautiful in their boxes (not to mention the box itself is a yummy chocolate box) that I hadn't actually done anything with them yet. So following on the heels of my friend Melissa (yet again) I decided to crack open one of those babies. Because I am one that take instructions/recipes etc as more of a guideline than gospel, I decided I would try to see how many different cards I could make using only the supplies in the kit and a few punches. Here's what I came up with

I have scanned them individually and put them in my slider gallery to the left so you can see the details but I didn't think you would want to have to scroll through all 10. I think it's pretty cool how much variety you can get out of just 1 stamp set, 3 inks and precut paper. They are totally cool if you are a beginner stamper because they come with EVERYTHING and I mean everything - ink, gluedots, precut paper, envelopes... everything you need! The stamps are even diecut so you just pop them out, peel of the backing and slap them on. I wish all their stamps came like that!
Okay I'm off to try and come up with some stuff for Friday's stamp camp. Have a great Monday!


Dustanne said...

awesome work, they are great!

Jana Weaver said...

Finally went to look at all your SS kit cards, and they are fantastic!! Great job with limited supplies!