Tuesday, February 27, 2007

things I hate....

Well maybe "hate" is to strong a work - how about "seriously dislike".....
1) I hate cleaning up after people that just don't care (read DD or DH) but I hate even more cleaning up after ME! I wish there was a craft room elf that would meticulously put all my stuff back as I am busy crafting because I hate having to clean my desk to start the next project. I also hate having to clean up the kitchen after I've been cooking too - I cook like I craft - I spread out everywhere - so I guess I just need Dobby :o)
2) I hate that my DD's "can't hear" what ever I have asked them to do 50 times but they sure can hear their sister mumble something barely audible that can easily be construed as a taunt and the start of WW3 - why can't they ignore each other as well as they ignore me?
3) I hate that after getting up at 5:30 am EVERY WEEKDAY to walk with my neighbor Catrina and also several more times during the week with my friend Yvonne I put on some jeans and not only are they NOT looser - they are actually tighter!!! It HAS to be that they shrunk in the wash - there is just no other plausible explanation!!! (It has nothing to do with the chocolate - I swear!)
4) I hate that when my DH decides that he is going to bed - he goes up the stairs and is asleep in 5 min. When I decide I am going to bed I run the dishwasher, check the doors and the lights, check the calendar for tomorrow to make sure I know what's coming, check on the kids, make sure the cat isn't locked out of the house or locked in a room somewhere......and when I do lie down my mind is still running through all the things I've done, should have done and have to do!
5) I hate that when my DH goes out of town he packs and leaves - when I go out of town I have to make sure there is sufficient food and instructions for all those left behind to cope for the 24hrs they are all left on their own (DH included!)

okay I have finished my vent... I'll balance it out with some stuff I love

1) I LOVE my DH and my DD's. Even with the above mentioned stuff I wouldn't trade them for the world :o)
2) I LOVE making stuff - stamping, scrapping, quilting, baking - I love doing them all - there just isn't enough time in a day/week/year/life to make all the stuff I want to make. I love the "ta-da!" at the end when a project is complete. Of course buying all the stuff to make the projects isn't too bad either - retail therapy has always worked for me :o)
3) I LOVE a bright sunshiny day when it seems like anything is possible. I LOVE a cold snowy day where the world looks clean and magical.
4) I LOVE reading - I'll read just about anything and can lose many an hour lost in the world that a story creates (my older DD has inherited this from me)
5) I LOVE Starbucks -it's probably a real life addiction - something they have put in the coffee to make you keep coming back but I'm telling you give me a Starbucks coffee and I can conquer the world :o)

That's it - I've said my piece - you can go back to your regularly scheduled programs and I'm off to watch American Idol (another thing I love to do). I actually had a morning of stamping this morning - things for Friday's stamp camp - but I haven't had the chance to scan them in yet so I'll show you those tomorrow. Thanks for reading!


Jana Weaver said...

I could have written almost this exact rant!!! I can't believe how similar we are, especially the DH being able tojust back, but you (and I) having to get everything ready for everyone else to survive a few hours without you. I also strongly dislike that when DH takes DD on an outing to "give me a break" I have to still get her fed, pack up snacks/toys/books etc. for the trip, and get them to a train station! Oh well...guess it's nice to be needed, right??

Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one!! :-)


Christine said...

oh yes, ditto that here sister! I will add that your building muscle when you walk that's why they are tighter-more tone! That's what I tell myself anyhow!