Wednesday, March 14, 2007

100 bottles of beer on the wall....

Okay so it wasn't 100 - it was only 20, and it wasn't bottles of beer, it was those milk cartons... but still I was counting them down! I promised a friend I would make these for her to hand out at her work for St Patrick's Day and after being gone over the weekend and trying to play catch-up I was having some 2nd thoughts....... but I finally finished them and here they are

It is such beautiful spring weather here at the moment and the girls have been playing outside every day - too bad next week for spring break it's suppose to be 20 degrees colder than this week.
I haven't gotten to the make-and-takes from the regional yet but I promise I will be posting them soon.

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Sandy W said...

Yvette!!!!!!!!!! They look great and I filled them with candy and a St. Paddy lucky coin last night and they are soooooo cute!!!!!! I'll fill you in on how they were received...shurrr & thee'll be a top 'o the marrni'n hit!!!!!!!