Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lunch tin class

I hadn't exactly decided what to do today - go run errands or stay home and work on some projects - turns out my decision was made for me by my younger DH. Not 10 minutes after she had left for school I got a call from the nurse saying she had been sick as soon as she got there. By the time I got her and brought her home (school is RIGHT around the corner) she didn't know which end of her body to hang over the toilet - NOT fun for either of us! She carried on like that for about an hour, took about an hour nap, and is now bopping around eating cheerios, drinking sprite and complaining she's hungry... go figure?!?!? I am thankful that it was over quickly whatever it was and so now I am downstairs working on my projects.

I have a lunch tin class tomorrow and this is the tin that we will be making.

Can you believe I actually planned ahead on this one????? I already had a bunch of tins from the last time Creative Xpress had them on sale and so I collected as many of the scrapping kit's offered during Sellebration as I could, just for this class - aren't you impressed :o) I am! With all the diecut stickers in the kit it makes it so easy to embellish too :o) There is plenty of paper and stickers left when you have made the tin - enough to make some matching cards or another tin. These make great gifts for just about anyone.
Okay off to do some more crafting!


Jana Weaver said...

Beautiful tin!!! Hadn't thought about using the SS kits for them...what a great idea!

Christine said...

I'm impressed! I have that punch too so I can't wait to use it...beautiful!

Melissa's Stampin' Spot said...

Funny I did the same thing, think I have 3 or 4 of those!! Awesome idea makes for your tin class to be a breeze!! Beautiful!