Monday, March 5, 2007


It's 3 years today since I lost my dad. It's amazing how fast time goes by after such a tragic loss - you assume that the world will stop but it doesn't - it just keeps on going as if your world as you knew it had not just ended!

After 3 years I am no longer devastated by the loss - sadly it is now an accepted fact that he is no longer here - though I still think of things to email him or want to call him to ask his opinion or expect him to show up at our house for a split second before I remember that he's gone. I am no longer angry at him for leaving me, for leaving me alone with so many things left to ask and tell, for leaving me responsible for my mother and her well being and her future, for the feeling or being left the responsible head of the house - the decision maker - when I am trying to raise my own family now with no guidance from him. I am no longer angry at God for taking MY dad who still had so much life to enjoy and granddaughters to love and daughters to walk down the aisle, for taking him and leaving my husband's father who has never acknowledged his grandchildren's existence and wouldn't know them if he saw them in the street, for doing this to ME.

I have learned some things too - retirement is a great thing to save for and look forward too - but you need to enjoy today too because you never know what will happen tomorrow. You cannot say "I love you" too many times - because you will always wish you could say it just one more time. Never miss an opportunity to tell you loved ones all the things you want to because you don't know when that opportunity will no longer be there. Give lots of hugs, take lots and lots of photos - you will never have enough photos. Make sure that there are photos of YOU!

So I take this opportunity now to all of my friends and family who are reading this to tell you now that

I love you!
I am so glad to have you in my life.

I hope that if you have time for nothing else today you take the time to tell those that mean the world to you exactly how much you love them - because you might not get the chance tomorrow.
Thanks for letting me share.


Melissa's Stampin' Spot said...

OH Mrs. Yvette I love you too!! HE was an awesome man!! I know I miss him as well. This made me cry. But, I'm really glad you shared!! 8-) I so wish we could go for a coffee and chocolate like right now this minute!!

Jana Weaver said...

Lots of huggs to you Yvette. I can't even begin to imagine the pain of loosing a parent. I've been fortunate so far...but am always fearful! And it never helps being far away from family!! Just reading your post got me all choked up.

Enjoy your memories, and know that you are loved!

Lots of love and huggs,

Christine said...

Having lost my dad just over a year ago I know exactly what you mean. Start scrappin' those memories!