Tuesday, March 6, 2007


It's another Technique Tuesday and here's what we did today.

The first is called "Smackin Acetate" on SCS but I didn't like that name so I renamed it "Window Wash" :o) You take several colors of complementing markers and scribble color onto a window sheet (overhead transparency) then mist the window sheet with water letting the colors run. Place a piece of neutral cardstock (either a confetti or a natural one is best) and lift off (tip - lift off in the direction of lightest to darkest color). Blot with a paper towel and let it dry or dry with a heat gun - voila!

The second technique I call "highlighting". Ink up a bold stamp image in a lighter color of ink and then go through with a darker color marker to highlight whichever sections of the stamp you want to. (I did the edges of the flower petals) Huff and stamp and you're done!

Special thanks to Machelle for bringing me a Starbucks Venti Mocha this morning to cheer me up from yesterday - you're the best Machelle! I'm still smiling :o) Also thanks to Ms Catrina for letting me borrow her "Fishy Friends" stamp set yet again - having her next door awesome - I only have to buy half the stamps in the SU catalog and just make sure that she has the other half :o) It's great having friends like you two!


Jana Weaver said...

Cute cards...love the fishy friends card,and I like your name!! Sounds more fun.

GLad to hear you had fun with your stampin' buds!!


Melissa's Stampin' Spot said...

Love it! I'm gonna have to try that first one!! TFS