Thursday, March 1, 2007


Okay I have recovered from my rant and have moved on to other things (though I still can't find my desk and no one has been by to clean it up yet....). I had bookclub last night and that always helps to change my attitude on life - a little wine, a little food, great friends and great discussions (sometimes we even discuss the book!). Last night was 1/2 price bottles of wine so while Chris and I were waiting for Machelle and Karen to show up we managed to polish of one of those and I had some yummy Tiramisu to go with it :o) I have to share that my friend Chris is soon to be famous! She has written a computer program for non speaking school aged kids called "Velocity" and it got almost front page listing in the catalog they put out for those kinds of programs so I just KNOW that soon she will be rich and famous and I can say "oh yeah - we were in bookclub together" :o) Speaking of famous friends - have you checked out Tally Scrapper yet? Christine is a fellow blogger and has opened her own online scrapping store and it is really cool - you need to check out the gallery and the message boards too - they are a lot of fun. Hmmm.... I'm seeing a trend here - maybe I need to change my name to Christine too so I can be rich and famous.....

I did finally manage to get some stamping done for stamp camp tomorrow. I haven't had much time to be creative so I have turned to CASEing my fellow Stampin' Diva and blogger friend Jana.

She had put up a card she made for the SCS color challenge and I TOTALLY cased not only the color but the layout too - hope you don't mind Jana! I have to make swaps for the Atlanta Regional next weekend and I am thinking that I am just going to go with this and save myself some freaking out as I have 3 classes between today and next Friday when we leave and I am not sure if I am going to get it all done. Really looking forward to the weekend away with "the girls" and no kids or husbands and lots and LOTS of stamping!
Well back to my preps for stamp camp - hope to see you there!


Allison said...

This is a great looking card...I can't wait for my next girl's night out...if I wipe down my counters one more time, I am likely to scream!

Jana Weaver said...

CASE away my dear!! :-) I'd be flattered!

Beautiful card by the way! Oh...and what book did you all read? I really miss my old book club over here.