Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Birthdays and Bella's

My youngest DD was sick on and off all day with a tummy bug. First she didn't want to go to school, then she did, then she was sick at school but decided to stay a bit longer then when I did go pick her up she had to throw up before we even left the building - not fun! She just zoned in front of the TV the rest of the day so hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow.

On a brighter note I got lots of happy mail today :o) First my MIL is in Key West this week and she Fed-ex'd us a Key Lime pie - YUM! Then I got a package from my friend Melissa with this card

and 3 of my favorite things - a book, a Starbucks gift card and TallyScrapper bucks :o) The only thing that would have been better would if she had come along with it so we could do all those things together - oh well...

Another friend sent me a whole box of peanut butter fudge for my birthday - VERY yummy (unfortunately all these things are not doing much for my diet though......) so I though I would make my very first Bella card for her.

Yes it's true - I joined the Bella craze - my stamps came over the weekend and I found this stuff in A C Moore called "Wacky Tac" which is like super sticky glue that you just apply to the back of your unmounted stamp and let it dry and then it's tacky and you can stick it on your acrylic block. I much say that so far I am impressed by how well it works - it doesn't feel all that tacky but the stamp stayed on the block as I scrubbed it clean and many of my acrylic stamps don't do that.
I also bought some Autumn Leaves acrylic stamps at Target now that they have redone their scrapbooking aisle, and got my order from Eclectic Paperie- but that's another story......


Melissa's Stampin' Spot said...

AWESOME glad you liked your card!! And the GC!! Have any questions with that let me know!! Love your technique card!! And the Bella yeah love that too!!

Jana Weaver said...

LOVE you minivan bella!! Very cute. Hope you are enjoying your Bellas as much as I love mine!! Have a wonderful birthday today!!


Allison said...

Love this bella...I am glad to see some examples of it in action!