Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Technique Cards (and why I went to IKEA...)

First my technique cards for this month.... the first technique we did was the split negative which is one of those oh so easy ones but for whatever reason I have never made one before.

Now that I have made one I really like it and will have to play with it some more - I want to try other colors too - like I wonder if it works with brown and pink? (another reason to order some more colored embossing powders) Has anyone else tried other colors?

The second one was the faux tearing.

To get the best result you should use the craft ink but due to time restrictions we used the classic dye inks but with them you can quickly layer the colors like this - we used regal rose and rose red.

Okay - and why I went to Ikea?? Well one reason was to finish off my ribbon storage solution. Now those of you that know me already know that I have a small ribbon addiction....... okay I'm obsessed - okay?!?! Anyway I needed something to hold all those loose yards of ribbon that aren't on a roll - and this is what I came up with

And let me tell you - I LOVE it!!!! My friend and neighbor Ms Catrina got me those tall ones on the ends and the small ones in the middle for my birthday :o) I am not sure what to put in the last one (Machelle suggested that be the chocolate jar.....good idea!) I also bought a wall clock for $3 and have pulled it apart and I'm planning on stamping all over the face and (hopefully) reassembling it - if I'm successful I'll show you the results (if not forget I ever told you). We got some other little things and (Melissa are you listening...) my DH has FINALLY agreed to let me have a new bed!!!!! It's a long story and I won't go into it here.... but I am SO excited! So now the process begins of agreeing on one but that's a lot further than he's come in -ohhh - 10 yrs??? Oh happy days :o)

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Allison said...

Love that Happy Harmony card and those jars (I don't know what it is about jars!) are so yummy!