Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter basket

Did you know that this is the first item that I made at the first SU show I ever went to years and years ago? It's funny though because I didn't do anything else with SU for a few years after that again but I still remember making this basket :o) It's really simple and can be adapted for a number of different occassions. I used the Petals wheel for super quick decorating. Beate has a tutorial on it on her blog but basically all it is is a square piece of cardstock scored at thirds - eg if you cut a 9x9 square then you score it at 3" from every side. Mine is actually 7 1/2" sqare that I scored at 2 1/2" from every side and the 1" strip left from cutting the square from my 8 1/2 x 11 piece of cardstock is what I used for the handle.

We are heading out to Atlanta tomorrow for an overnight visit - the version of the story my DD's are getting is that we wanted to visit the Atlanta zoo because it has Panda's and should be really fun! The REAL reason is that I wanted to go to IKEA and wanted my husband to come with me and the zoo trip was the most comvincing reason I could come up with :o)

Hope you all have a wonderful EASTER!


Jana Weaver said...

Love your basket Yvette!! And I gotta say, that sounds like something I would have said to get my DH to go somewhere..altho I would probably say "Honey, while I'm shopping, you can take the little oneto thezoo, I'll pick you guys up when I'm done!"

Hope you had fun and got osme good stuff!!


Christine said...

too cute! Have fun in the ATL.