Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Good news, bad news

I tried to post this last night but it wouldn't let me put my photo in and what's the point of talking about something if you can't show it???? So... the story was that I was in a bit of a funk yesterday as I looked around my house at all the stuff that had to be done and looked at my calendar to see all the stuff I have going on in the next week/month and I decided to ignore the housework and do something I wanted to do! So I got out my $3 clock from IKEA and worked on it. Here's how it ended up

It turned out AWESOME don't you think? I so enjoyed making it and would love to do a ton more of them - want one? Okay so that was the good news...... the bad news is that as I was reassembling the clock it needed some minor adjustments (it had a floppy hour hand) and when I was "adjusting" it the second hand broke off - and wouldn't you know, it's the second hand that makes them all go round :o( So now my clock ticks away but never changes time. I am going to have to go round to Target, Walmart etc and try and find a clock that's the same size as this one so that I can use my beautiful clock face - either than or just hang it up for decoration...... so sad!

I was checking out my favorite blogs and saw that Jana tagged me - pick your favorite 5 blogs not including the person that tagged you. Oh so hard- especially since Jana already picked a bunch of my favorites! Okay so here's my pick

1. Well I have to of course say my wonderful friend Melissa is the first one I check every day - especially now that she is on the Tallyscrapper design team she is really rocking!

2. My stamping hero Beate who inspires us all (and has already been tagged by probably a billion people)

3. My fellow stamping Diva Linda always has really good cards and lately has been sharing tutorials as well.

4. I also lurk over at Kelly's blog to see what fabulous creations she has come up with and then last but not least

5. Alisa a fellow Aussie and and very talented SU demo.

I must admit I lurk a lot and don't often leave comments on people's blogs and then get dissappointed when no one comments on mine so I am taking a tip from Alison and making this "leave a comment" day to show all you talented people out there that I do enjoy your posts.

Have a great day!


Melissa's Stampin' Spot said...

Okay that clock totally rocks!! Sorry that it broke though! TS sells them if that helps!! Does this mean I'm tagged for something lol?? Have an awesome day chickee!!

Jana Weaver said...

I'm so sorry that your clock broke's beautiful!! I may have to see if I can find something similar at my Ikea over here!! Simply beautiful!

beate said...

It did turn out AWESOME!

Linda Schmitt said...

I LOVE THE CLOCK!!! Too bad that it broke, what a bummer!

And the tin you sent Jana was too cute! Where did you get the tins?

Shawn said...

Your clock is so wonderful...I found out about your blog through Janas....she said you were really talented and she spoke the truth!

Sorry the clock brok, but it sure is awesome!


Susi said...

This Jana's Mommabella Susi - stopping by. I was so totally blown away by her present. So good that it arrived late - after we did the BIG FLYOVER to get back to FL. The Clock is fabulous. Suggestion - pass the clock along to a retiree - such as someone like me - who never cares what time it is!!! You may have seen the one that has all the numbers fallen in a pile at the bottom with "Who Cares" Printed across. Actually that clock works . . . it would put too much stress on me!!! I am sure loving all of Jana's cyber friends and their work.

Gina said...

How stinkin' cute is that?! That is a GREAT way to use that giant flower, too!

Love it!