Thursday, April 19, 2007

I love birthdays!

And I'm not even talking about mine :o) I love the preparation - thinking about what the person would like and coming up with something that you know/hope will put a smile on their face and then it's even better when you get to watch them open it. It's so hard for me not to mention anything about stuff too because I'm always just busting to tell them. So it was Jana's birthday last weekend so I had made and mailed her stuff 2 weeks ago to make sure that it got to Germany in time for her b'day and it was killing me not being able to share what I had made but she FINALLY got it so now I can show you

It was one of those things that just came together by itself and even impressed me. I have started one of these a while back for myself and somehow mine never gets completed.... I think I need to do that today.

It's my friend and downline Lori's birthday tomorrow and I went and hand delivered her stuff to her today so I can show you hers already.

Isn't it just the cutest? This is one of those jars I got from IKEA and you can't see but inside is a smaller jar filled with Prima flowers. I thought she could put it on her desk as her treat jar at work and since it has her name on it no one will steal her candy :o) And I made a matching card using another Bella that Stephanie stamped and sent me (the gift that keeps on giving!)

Then I have still been receiving wonderful gifts for my birthday. My friend Machelle gave me this bag of goodies

my fellow stamping diva April made this cute tin and filled it with lots of yummy stuff

and finally my friend Yvonne (the other "Y") made me this to hang in my craft room.

Did I mention I love birthdays :o)

On a different note - you probably noticed I changed my blog theme and have that cool banner up that Stephanie made for me.... only thing is I can't figure out how to get the banner to be my header or get it to be across the very top - can anyone help me? or point me in the direction to find some help? I appreciate it!


Jana Weaver said...

Thank you again for my AWESOME notepad holder!! It still amazes me! :-) Love the Y that you got also, tres cool!

Can't help much with the banner as I still haven't gotten mine to work properly, but I'll let you know!


Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

I couldn't believe I clicked on your blog and not only is the banner up it has a whole new refreshing look!! All those birthday goodies are so-oo-oo dee-lish looking!!!


beate said...

Yvette, your DVD tin and your jar are BEAUTIFUL! Your birthday cards and gifts are gorgeous!
Happy Belated birthday!!!