Sunday, April 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Jana!

It's my stamping Diva sister and blogging buddy Jana's birthday today so make sure you hop on over to her blog and wish her some birthday cheer - cause everyone loves birthday wishes :o) Happy Birthday Jana - hope you had a wonderful weekend away and a very happy birthday!

Yesterday my DH for my birthday gave me $100 and a day to go spend it wherever I wanted too :o) So while he toted the kids off to their various activities I meandered around town to the craft stores and the mall and no one asked me "are we done yet?" or "do we have to go in here" or "mum can you buy me this.." and let me tell you it was wonderful! I didn't end up coming home till about 4:30 (by then he was worried I wasn't coming home) I didn't even spend all my $$$ - can you believe it? I just enjoyed the peace and quiet - it's the little things right? Now if I could just convince him to take the girls away for the whole day so I could have a day of peace at home.....

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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