Sunday, May 20, 2007

More UFO's

I am so happy - I finished another project that's been lying around! This was another class that we took at the CK convention by Awesome Albums (look Jeanna I finished it!!!)

It was 2 quick covered notebooks and an altered Rolodex. They had some really cool ideas for the Rolodex - you could make it month by month for the first year for a baby and then the mom can just grab a sheet and write a quick note of an event (rolled over, first tooth etc) and stick it in the appropriate month, or an a-z of cocktail recipes with some martini glasses, or really any recipes. I tried to see if they have a website to show you but they don't have much on it yet. If you happen to catch them on any of the convention circuits they sold kits for all the different Rolodex ideas. I think I am going to leave mine as a boring old Rolodex though and stick my growing collection of business cards in there.

Okay I am off to see if I can get any more of these UFO's done - I'm on a roll now!


Linda said...

I love the roledex and what great ideas on other ways of using it besides as a business card holder!

Heather Summers said...

These are great looking projects! I love the UFO idea....tons of them laying around my craft room!!!

Jeanna said...

Well, you've proven that you finally opened up that SEI bag we filled up at convention...unlike myself! That project is super-cute when finished, so maybe now I'll be inclined to complete mine!

Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

ohhh great projects!!!

GinaP said...

wow, these are great!! Anyone would love receiving and using those! Way to go!

Jana Weaver said...

This UFO business is too funny!! I have a bazillion UFO's, with 3 scrapbooks that were supposed to be xmas gifts 3 years ago at the top of my list!! Great job on finishing these up...they look adorable!

And, as one traveler to another, congrats on getting some fun luggage! I know I"m tired of trying to pick out our black suitacases amongst the millions!! :-)