Friday, May 18, 2007


We've all seen them lying around - UFO's - Un-finished Objects that is.... not the flying kind (good grief!). You know where you stamped something but it wasn't coming together like you thought and so you tried it in a different color or stamp and you don't want to throw this image away because it's perfectly good - just not right for what you were working on right now... or is it just me? Anyway, my desk is always littered with them and as I was trying to clean up a bit before my mum gets here tomorrow (so that my craft room looks less like a National Disaster Area and more like - well - a craft room!) I decided that instead of just adding the latest ones to the pile I would make them into something. Here is one that I came up with

The flowers had been stamped and discarded, the blue Brazzil cardstock was a piece cut off something else and already that size, the oval was already punched for the tag - so all I did was add the choc chip cardstock and the ribbon and Voila! And what's even better is that it took me probably less that 2 minutes :o) Talk about quick and easy! This I can do. I might even be able to slap a few more together tonight and tie a bow around them and call them a belated Mother's day gift!
Well it's back to the cleaning - just thought I'd share.
Oh - if you want to go and see what my "Little Black Dress" book from the CK convention should look like when it's finished you can see it on Cindy's blog. Hopefully I can get mine finished soon now that I have a visual to go with my instructions.


Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

ohhh pretty. I hear ya on the messy room thing...I also lose stuff all the time!



Linda said...

LOVE IT! The colors are great and the ribbon is way cool!

Ugh, messy rooms - how about messy houses! LOL!