Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunny day activities

When we (my parents and sister and I) moved to this house back in 1975 I brought with me a small tree from my grandparents farm where we had been living and I planted it in the front yard that was at the time very bare. This is my kids climbing that same tree

Kind of cool if you think about it. I climbed it when I was younger too. It's become their favorite activity when it's actually not raining here - though my younger DD has had to be rescued a few times - it's much easier to go up than down.

On Saturday we headed up the mountains to Katoomba for the annual Winter Magic Fest. It is so fun - everyone dresses up into costume (lots of magical creatures) and there is a big parade through the main street and then hundreds of shop stalls and foods stalls lining the streets selling anything and everything you can imagine. My girls dressed up to go too - my older DD with a set of wings and my younger DD in a princess dress.

They loved the parade and there were all kinds of cool costumes and performances.

We also got to see the steam train chugging up the mountains on it's way to the festival- it's the coolest thing to see.
Yesterday we went with the extended family to my aunts house to sort through my grandmother's stuff and take some tangible memories home with us. My girls love to go to this aunts house because there is a huge hill to roll down and play on and they found yet another tree to climb.

This big old gum tree has been there as long as I can remember and is such a magnificent tree.

And today - well you guessed it - it's raining...... Thankfully my mum bought a new dishwasher last week so the girls have a new toy to play with - the box it came in :o)

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Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

thanks for the update. How sweet to bring back old memories! The parade looks fun too.