Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Keeping busy

We have been keeping busy the last week or so and thankfully the rainy weather seems to have passed - today it was 70 degrees - good old Australian winter :o) We went out to a local lookout with my mum last week which was pretty but very cold so we didn't stay very long.

And we found an AWESOME indoor public pool that we have been enjoying a lot

It's school holidays these next 2 weeks so I enrolled the girls in swimming lessons this week and it has been really great. My husband arrives tomorrow - YIPPEE!!! We are still working on the wedding stuff - only one more week to go. Trying to catch up with old friends here and there - no matter how long we are in Australia it's never enough time to catch up with everyone and do all the stuff we want to. But then again - there's never enough time period!

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GinaP said...

wow, looks like the girls get to hvae some fun! Enjoy seeing everyone while you can... thanks for the update!