Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wedding Favour boxes

They're punched out, stamped, coloured, folded, filled, wrapped, tied and most importantly DONE! 70 favour boxes ready for the reception tables. My sister's wedding is in 3 days and we're in crunch time. Her and my dresses have just minor adjustments and then they're done. After days and days of trudging through the stores we found shoes. Now we have a day or two of rest before the final frenzy begins. We have folded hundreds of origami cranes and they will be strung and hung around the reception room and I am in the middle of making thank you cards. The most exciting thing is after this is all over my husband and I are going for 4 days to Melbourne!!!! Just the 2 of us!! I can't wait.


Jana Weaver said...

These are gorgeous Yvette...but you must be exhausted!! Have a WONDERFUL time in Melbourne...time alone with hubby is a rare and wonderful thing, isn't it!?!


PS Can't wait until you get back and start ordering from the new catty...it's GORGEOUS!!

Judi Harvey said...

Hi Yvette,

You have just been tagged. You must list seven random things about yourself and then tag seven people.

By the way, I love Australia and it is my dream to visit there one day!

Have a great day!

Flossie's Follies said...

These boxes are awesome, so simple and elegant. Enjoy the rest, the wedding and of course your time in Melbourne.

Anonymous said...


We miss you! Have fun at the wedding. I am sure it will be wonderful. Make sure you take lots of pictures. Have fun in Melbourne! I know you and Brian will enjoy the time together.


Jeanna said...

I'm so jealous!! 4 days with a husband and no children. You will need a vacation after all the wedding chaos is over! It's starting to get humid down south--you can cut the air w/a knife. I know you don't miss that.

Kathy said...

Very, very cute! I can't imagine making that many favors and folding all the cranes. Have a great time with your hubby. My dh and I had a night away on Saturday and it was soooooooo good to be together and not have to be mommy and daddy.

Ironically enough, dh's boss called today to tell him that they want him to work on a project in either Perth or Brisbane and he'll "get" to come home once a month. . .ummmmmm, we know travel is part of the job but that doesn't work for us since we've got the kids and I also work!

By the way, tag, you're it! You have to list 7 random things about yourself and then tag 7 others :-)

Melissa's Stampin' Spot said...

Hello my friend!! You did an awesome job! Everyone will adore them! Have fun with the hubby!

Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

Ohhh those are amazingly pretty!!! Savor your hubby time (we are in the process of booking time for us in feb 2008) Yikes a wee bit to go but will savor it then too.