Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More RAK's

Yesterday was blah Monday! I don't know why I struggle with Monday's so much but I do. Maybe it's the piles of laundry I tackle, maybe it's having to venture into my younger daughter's room to try and find her bed and exchange dirty sheets for clean ones, maybe it's having to run to the grocery store while doing all this because we're out of milk and fruit AGAIN! I don't know. I need to overcome this trend though because it affects my family too - I'm always much crabbier on Monday's. Happily I received 2 more great RAK's in the mail so I thought I'd share those with you since I haven't done anything since the last scrap pages....

The first is from my online blogging buddy and Diva Jana

She just had to undergo gallstone surgery... in Germany! Now it's one thing to have to undergo surgery.... it's quite another to have to have to be in hospital it in a different country from your mom! (believe me - I've done it!) So go over there and give her a bunch of love.

The second one is another from my Diva sister Sher

I just love the color combo of the new in colors on this and of course the new flower punch.

Thanks ladies for brightening an otherwise blah day!


Jeanna said...

I have told you before to stop "saving" your laundry for one particular day, missy...b/c even though you think you get caught up, guess what? Your DDs and DH come home Monday afternoon with filthy clothes and you have to start over anyway...spread it out, a load a day!! It's so much more manageable!! Then you won't dread Monday so much!!! LOL!!

Melissa's Stampin' Spot said...

I've told her that for years, but um well... Love those cards chick! Always brightens ones day when a RAK is received!

Jana Weaver said...

Glad to see the card arrived! And yeah...I totally get what you mean about Mondays!

Finally got caught up on all your posts...can't wait to get my flower swap now...that's adorable!!! :-) And your viewmaster card turned out fantastic!