Thursday, August 30, 2007

Switching crafts

Well my scrapping stuff is (mostly) clean up ready to get started on my stamping items for stamp camp but I actually had a spare hour and thought I would quickly sew my older DD some cute pj's. I used to sew all my kids clothes before they were old enough to voice their opinion, then I was allowed to sew SOME things, now about all I am allowed to sew for them are pj's and dolls clothes so I take what I can get. (Doll's clothes are not my favorites.) My older daughter is obsessed by pigs at the moment (closely followed by her obsession with gerbils which she insists she is getting for her birthday - I haven't decided if I am willing to go there yet or not - any advice?) Anyway I ran across this super cute pig fabric before we went to AU

and I KNEW it would make perfect pj's. We had to discuss a little about which pj style was cool but I think they turned out super cute!

I still need elastic (because of course I have a basket full of every width of elastic except for the size I needed) which will go through the neck to make it a peasant top but I love it - hope she does too!


Flossie's Follies said...

how cute, love the fabric, I used to sew all my own clothes but then went back to school and night, that ended that.

Jeanna said...

I can sew throw pillows! Squares and rectangles--that's about it. You're such a Renaissance woman...of course they're precious pjs because you made them and every single thing you make is adorable! Seriously, girl!