Thursday, August 2, 2007

Where have you been???

I know I know, it's seems as if I've fallen off the face of the planet..... sorry! Last week it felt like we were on heavy sedation drugs all day - we could NOT get out of bed in the mornings and then of course at night no one could sleep. Jet lag sucks! Then this week my younger DD has been in soccer camp in the mornings and we have spent most of every day running around for school outfits and supplies. It has not been a whole lot of fun! I am SO ready for school to be in so I can catch my breath (yeah like that's ever going to happen..) I haven't even done any stamping or anything though I have mounted the new sets I bought while in AU. So tonight I finally sat down and started working on my sister's wedding scrapbook (don't look Tash!) I am on this new kick of trying to use what I have horded over the last few years instead of buying new stuff - wish me luck! So I already had a scrapbook that I thought I could use - it's kind of like the SU art journal - and I was very excited to see that the new SU designer flower punch matches the Japanese paper we used for the invitations. So here is what the cover looks like

I am trying to keep it all simple and match the basic theme and style I did for the invites, favors and thankyou's.
Here is one of the inside pages - the before and after of my mum when we went to get our hair and makeup done on the day.

Isn't she so pretty? I am excited about doing this now that I have my concept and I am on a roll. Hopefully it will help me get my mojo back and I'll try out all my new stamps soon. I promise I will try and get back into the blogging routine too - of course it always helps when you actually have something to write about! Have a great weekend!


Melissa's Stampin' Spot said...

LOVE love love it! And yes she is beautiful!! Can't wait to see all that you do!

stampingranny said...

Hi, I found your blog and it is nice to meet you! Hope to see more of your cards real soon! Stop by and visit my blog soon! Deb