Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More Christmas cards

Here are 2 more cards I did for my workshop over the weekend.

This snowman one had everyone drooling over the watercolor crayons

I am bummed they don't come in one box now and consequently cost $20 more.... but they are still worth the investment. Every one had fun coloring their snowmen.

And then this card.....

well - this is how it was SUPPOSED to look.... don't you love the soft sky, bayou blue and river rock together? Yes well the guests would have loved it too.........that is if I had remembered to bring the ink pads with me!!!!!! How mortified was I??? It is just a guarantee with me that I forget something every time I do a stamping event - I've forgotten cardstock, punches, a stamp etc, etc (which is why I prefer to have them at my house) But this time I forgot not 1, not 2, but 3 ink pads!!!!! Luckily the hostess had a table set up with her own stuff for any kids that showed up to play on and luckily she had 2 blue ink pads and a tan one. They weren't Stampin Up though... and they weren't these pretty to match the cardstock colors.... and I will be very surprised if those ladies have me back in any kind of hurry :o(


Jana Weaver said...

Hey Yvette...beautiful cards!! Sorry about the forgetfullness! I am the same way...once I forgot my whole box of catalogs/order forms/etc. and my hubby had to drive 40 minutes to bring it all to me!! But I'm sure everyone understands a small oversight now and again.


Flossie's Follies said...

These cards are beautiful, can see why they were drooling over the watercolor crayons on the snowman card. It is fantastic.