Sunday, September 30, 2007

Out and about

I love Farmers Markets - the fresh fruits, homemade goods and just the sense of community that usually prevails. Everyone seems to greet you like a friend and you chat happily with the perfect stranger that is next to you in the booth. Well I had no idea that there has been a Farmers Market in our downtown for 4 years! Since I read it in the paper I have been dying to get down there but unfortunately we have to try and squeeze it in around soccer schedules etc but this weekend all the stars aligned and we went - I LOVED it!!! If you live locally to me you should definitely make a point of going down there. We tasted and bought the baked goods, purchased produce, oohed and aahhed over the jewelry, hand knitted and hand sewn products and all sorts of fun stuff. I will definitely make a point of going back there many many more times.

We also went to see a hot air balloon festival this weekend.
I can't say that I have ever seen a hot air balloon up close and personal - it was very cool! The kids were as excited as I was (or was it the other way around.....) and we stood and watched them inflate, lift off and float away until we couldn't see them any more. At night they left them grounded but had the flames(?) going so they were lit up like lanterns . VERY cool!

So all in all it has been a very fun, family filled weekend - the kind that doesn't happen nearly often enough with our activity packed life but worth making the time for.

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Rebecca said...

The picture of the balloons is AMAZING! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!