Thursday, January 17, 2008

Faux Silk

This is the second technique we did on Tuesday. I copied Beate's tutorial on SCS and it's another one that is very easy.

The scanner didn't like all the thicknesses of paper and ribbon and hardware but you can see at the top the crinkle of the "silk". It is more impressive in real life.
I want to play with this a little more - I am thinking of ways to add a little shimmer to the "silk" and also I wonder what it would look like if you used different colored tissue paper on different colored cardstock .... hmmm? Has anyone else tried that? I was thinking something like gold ink on purple or dark blue tissue paper.... If I come up with something that looks any good I'll let you know :o)


Jana Weaver said...

Great job Yvette! I love the colors you chose...and the "silk" looks way cool. Think I'm gonna have to try this one!

Heather Summers said...

Great card Yvette! I am going to have to do this technique with this same set!