Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Can you believe this is the first time I have tried the reflection technique??? I saw my friend Melissa try it so I thought I'd give it a whirl. It is SOOOOO easy and it looks so cool!! Oh my gosh why haven't I done this before??? So here is the card we made at Technique Tuesday

and you can find directions to make your very own reflection card here on the SCS tutorials. My only tips are be really careful when you are stamping on the acetate because it is really easy for the stamp to slide and then you get a blurred image - which a slight blurred image is not too bad since it is a reflection anyway - that is unless you slide half way across the page - then you end up with more of a "I got really drunk last night and now I have blurred vision" card rather than a "reflection" card :o) The other tip is that I colored the truck with watercolor crayons and put all the color on the "real" image and as I blended a portion of the truck color with my blender pen, I then used what was left on the blender pen to color the reflection - that way you get a lighter shade.

Have a great day!

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Jana Weaver said...

Beautiful card Yvette! You did a great job!