Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fast Forward....

WOW! It's been busy around here and I feel like I'm always one step behind where I am supposed to be..... will I ever catch up?? I know I say this every year - "when school gets out THEN things will slow down" and then during the summer I say "When school goes back THEN things will slow down" so I now realize that there IS no slowing down and this is just life as we know it!

I did manage to pull together some projects for stamp camp though. I found these gift cards at Walmart

and used the scalloped edge note cards to make little love notes

one for the husbands and one for the kids. I'll show you the other projects tomorrow. And just to update you on Finn - he still likes to do this alot

but when DD gets tired of having a dog on her lap she puts him here

My DH says I shouldn't publish that photo because it will just embarrass him in front of all his friends :o)

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