Friday, May 9, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Phew - I feel like a gerbil in a running wheel desperately trying just not to fall flat on my face! This week we are consumed by my older DD dance performances - 2 nights of dress rehearsals and then 3 nights of performances. It's keeping me on my toes that's for sure. She loves it though and I tear up every time I see her on stage - I'm just so proud! Once we get through that she's done (until summer classes....) and we can breathe a little easier. Of course there's only 9 more days left of school - how crazy is that???? Where on earth has this year gone? I will be looking forward to our week on the beach - sitting, relaxing, not going anywhere if I don't want to........ of course the thought of wearing a swim suit makes me want to throw up but we won't dwell on that will we :o)

I was happily surprised by another RAK in my mailbox yesterday.

This one from Leanne who is another SCS blogger. Go check out her pretty Mother's Day cards. She has lots of really nice cards on her blog.


leanne said...

You are very welcome! Enjoy your (busy) weekend!

Lynn Mercurio said...

What an adorable card. I love polka dots...they add so much to any creations. Thanks so much Vyette for the wonderful Blogger's RAK that you sent to me. I hope to have it uploaded to my blog by tomorrow. I want everyone to see it!

Happy Mother's Day!